My name is Monique and this is my site. I am a digital media and communications pro with interest in interpersonal and digital communications.


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About Monique

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Self-starter that works well with minimal supervision and in a team environment. Possess an impressive ability to learn new skills quickly with practical understanding. Hardworking individual with a high quality of work ethic, willing to put in extra time to complete tasks and taking on challenges to get the job done. Hold a high standard for accountability, taking responsibility for mistakes and offering solutions to resolve those mistakes.



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1987: I did my first mural using crayons and a wall in my mom’s apartment.

1994: I picked up my first 35mm camera and developed photos.

1994-1996: Attended the Corcoran School of Art Aspiring Artists program.

2000: The year I discovered Journalism and TV broadcasting.

2002-2006: My formal training in Communications & Journalism took place in a small town in Louisiana.

2005: ESPN. Awesome.

2006-Present: Fox Sports. Fun.

2010- Present:  Took on a strong interest in WordPress, web design, and improving my writing skills.

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(Creative + Energetic + Curious) + (Extroverted + Social) + (Aggressive – Angry + Exciting) = My Personality

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  • Art (painting and “Photoshopping”)
  • Learning new things
  • Socializing
  • “iPading”
  • Reading how-to books
  • Playing around with new programming languages
  • Mobile application discovery
  • Blogging
  • Traveling

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DC-28 DCPS Channel – Washington, DC

August 2001 – June 2002

  • Wrote, produced, and directed promos for the channel
  • Collaborated with a team to produce documentaries covering educational topics, which were broadcasted citywide in DC Public Schools
  • Provided copy for voice-over and news talent
  • Edited news packages and voice-overs to prepare them for airing



Grambling State University Television Center, Grambling, LA

August 2003 – May 2006

  • Edited promos, shows, and sporting events for air on GSU-TV using non-linear systems such as Final Cut Pro
  • Producer of shows: Lyric Café, GSU News, GSU Tigers Football, Sports Talk, and Cooking with Deebo
  • Researched and wrote news copy for anchors of GSU news
  • Conducted research on professional and collegiate sports stats and wrote copy for anchors of Sports Talk
  • Converted taped programing from analog beta tapes to digital Mini-DV tapes for non-linear editing
  • Supervised field camerapersons during the shooting of GSU football games
  • Filled in as a relief for camerapersons on field
  • Prepped questions for post-game interviews with coaches and athletes
  • Created a prospective student video for school’s admission office for senior project with classmates



ESPN, Bristol, CT

June 2005 – August 2005

  • Selected with 20 other interns to work for ESPN summer of 2005
  • Worked as Master Control Operator in the Production Operations department
  • Broadcasted programming for ESPN’s networks including ESPNHD, ESPNHS 2, ESPN Latin America, ESPN Pacific Rim, and ESPN Atlantic providing millions of viewers sports programming in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • Served on a research panel for the launch of ESPNU network
  • Volunteered to fill in extra roles in ESPN promo video shoots
  • Completed Level 1 training within 3 weeks of employment



Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), Birmingham, AL/Grambling, LA

August 2005 – May 2006

  • Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), Birmingham, AL/Grambling, LA
  • Served as on-campus producer for segments of the SWAC weekly news show aired in Alabama
  • Produced and edited news stories and sports packages to send weekly to the SWAC headquarters
  • Volunteered to cover nearby SWAC schools sports



ESPNU, Grambling, LA

March 2006 – April 2006

  • Served as a production assistant on location of SWAC Championship Lady Soccer Day
  • Assisted with sideline audio and obtained athletes for reporter interviews



Fox Sports Network, Houston, TX 

August 2006  – May 2007

  • Assisted in daily administrative duties which included signing for incoming packages and keeping inventory of departmental supplies
  • Organized over 10000 taped programs stored in the vault and performed purges to update the vault’s tape library
  • Updated department manager in weekly meetings on discrepancies, department’s needs, and other detailed information regarding day-to-day workflow
  • Assisted Master Control Supervisors with locating missing day-of-air programs and providing substitutions when needed
  • Responded to emails and phone calls in-house and out-of-house concerning the status of taped programs



Examiner.Com – Online

July 2009 – May 2012

  • Photographed bars, clubs, and other social venues and events promoting those photos on social media sites
  • Interacted with club/bar patrons for interviews and photo ops
  • Worked with promoters, club/bar owners and managers to promote their establishments and events by attending events and writing articles on those events



Tabbedout, Houston, TX

September 2012 – March 2013

  • Hosted happy hours at local bars that uses Tabbedout
  • Interacted with bartenders, bar managers, and customers on the use of the application and answer any questions about issues
  • Assisted customers on how to download, set up and use the mobile app
  • Distributed promotional items to customers at Tabbedout promotional events



MoniqueMorton.com, Online

December 2010 – Present

  • Build and maintain websites for the Monique Morton brand, which includes MoniqueMorton.com and The Eff-It List Blog
  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter accounts, and blog comments to provide feedback to visitors and to approve appropriate comments
  • Keep track of multiple RSS feeds about blogging, social media and digital media trends to stay abreast with the latest technology



FOX Network Center / FOX Sports Network – Houston/Woodlands, TX

May 2007 – Present

  • Monitor on-air quality of regional FOX Sports Networks to ensure accuracy of scheduled programming according to traffic logs
  • Execute corrective actions in a timely manner during on-air crises to maintain good on-air quality for the viewers
  • Broadcast live sporting events while interacting with producers and directors
  • Work as team player in multicasting 8 networks with other operators to maintain good on-air quality
  • Train Master Control trainees on the departmental workflow and prepare them for level promotion to Level I; train Master Control operators (Level I & II) on proper procedures of broadcasting live sporting events
  • Participate in company-wide FOX Friend program as a mentor to new employees and maintain a receptive work relationship with them; mentored 8 employees
  • Performed one-on-one training and group sessions with over 20 colleagues on the usage equipment and workflow of the department
  • Volunteered to work 18-hour shifts during Hurricane Ike to maintain FOX Sports regional networks air quality without interruption

  • Received a FOX Spotlight Bonus recognition for serving on a 12-person transition team for Master Control department as a Level I operator for the transition of Fox Network Center from Houston to The Woodlands, TX
  • Received a FOX X-Award for volunteering to work extra hours when there was a shortage of coverage during the prime time hours of the television programming




The Eff It List is an addition to MoniqueMorton.com about my "so-called" bucket list. Only it's not a bucket list.





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